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London’s Best Summer exhibitions

Summer Exhibition London

Heading to London this summer? Then book a stay at self catering apartments London and take a look at some of the stunning special exhibitions on offer.

Children and adults like will adore the fascinating Robots exhibition at the Science Museum in Kensington.  They have a longer history than you might expect, with simple mechanical versions dating back over 500 years such as a sixteenth century mechanical monk.  Other delights include the wonderful working astronomical models and examples of the eighteenth century fad for automatons.  Don’t miss the beautiful Silver Swan, which preens itself at 10.25 every day.  Then there are the more familiar robots of the twentieth century, a look at electronic programming and the latest robot styles such as the Japanese Kodomoroid newsreader which has a prosthetic skin.

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is guaranteed to draw massive crowds. This is an annual event which has become part of the social scene.  Thousands of art works are submitted for consideration every year by amateurs and well known artists.  Around 1,000 eventually make it onto the walls of the Royal Academy.  Whatever your taste, you can guarantee that there will be artworks to match as it is a totally eclectic collection involving everything from contemporary abstracts to portraits, landscapes and graphic art. In addition, there is a large selection for visitors from cheap to luxury Holiday Apartments London nearby.  

Art of a more historical kind is on display at the Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace where you can take in a superb exhibition relating to Canaletto and the Art of Venice.  On display are works by Caneletto and his contemporaries such as Pietro Longhi and Giovanni Battista Piazzetta.  Canaletto’s work does steal the show with stunning examples such as the Bacino di S.Marco on Ascension Day showing vessels on the canals with the atmospheric buildings behind.

Perhaps fashion is more to your taste? If you’re staying at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair then head over to Kensington Palace to discover just how one of fashion’s icons used fashion to champion causes of all kinds.  Diana: Her Fashion Story highlights her skill at using clothes to attract attention and influence people in favour of a specific cause.  The clothes on display include many of her most spectacular outfits from the 1980’s as well as her 1990’s working outfits.  

Science Fiction has delighted people for the past century be it on film, art or in books.  Into the Unknown: A journey through Science Fiction at the Barbican is guaranteed to captivate and amuse.  The range of exhibits is extensive as it includes film concept art, models, art works and even original manuscripts by Jules Verne.  Return to Godzilla, Stargate and Dark City, discovering just how they have affected our impressions of science fiction.

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London History Day

LONDON History Day

Visitors to London get an opportunity to discover unusual aspects of London’s history during the first ever London History Day on May 31st, when museums and attractions across the city will be showcasing special treasures.  From walks to talks, and rare artifacts on view, the range of events is extensive.

Book a stay at Aparthotels London and take a guided tour round the Barbican exploring Brutalist architecture or see a first edition of the Communist Manifesto, which was first published in London. Learn about John Gass, the first man in control of Tower Bridge or see a stunning example of English church embroidery decorated with the spires of over 70 London churches at St Paul’s Cathedral. Take a stroll in the footsteps of the Huguenot refugees who found a home in London’s Spitalfields.   

How about discovering what life was like in the 1950’s?  The South Bank Centre is providing a fascinating afternoon of activities which include a special screening of a 1952 film about the Festival of Britain, interactive talks and an opportunity to see rare, original 1950’s programmes, diaries and photographs. There is even special tours around the building to discover some of the hidden stories behind the Royal Festival Hall’s stunning Patchwork of the Century quilt which was made in 1951.

The Underground is one of London’s most iconic methods of transport. The famous roundel is recognized world wide.  Equally artistically impressive are the mosaics by Eduardo Paolizzi, which decorate the walls of Tottenham Court Road station.  The designs are incredibly varied and include mechanization and popular culture.  

The Victorians were extremely ingenious and came up with lots of unusual ideas.  The Kirkaldy Testing Museum just across London Bridge in Southwark offers an opportunity to see metals being tested to destruction using the world’s first independent commercial materials testing machine created by the Victorians.  This is a machine that has tested many of the famous materials and structures we take for granted.

Interested in art? Then visit the National Portrait Gallery which is just a short tube ride from Presidential Marylebone Mayfair, for a lively curator led gallery talk highlighting the portraits of famous Londoners such as Samuel Johnson who wrote the famous words ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!’

Most visitors today staying in Holiday Apartments London would agree with him, simply because there is just so much to see and do in this wonderful city.  Take a look at what is on offer during the London History Day and see something different, something unusual that might not otherwise be possible. It will certainly help make your visit memorable!


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Dining for Vegetarians, Vegans and Special Diets

Dining for vegetarians, vegans and special diets

Whatever your dietary preferences you can find something appropriate in London.  This is a city where there are thousands of restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs with dining facilities and that’s not counting the countless street food on offer at places like the South Bank and Dalston.  Every catering establishment is required, by law, to provide information on ingredients used within food so if you are allergic to nuts you merely have to ask, and staff can instantly tell if any food on the menu contains nuts.

For visitors staying most probably in comfortable Aparthotels London, a vegetarian option, and usually a vegan option is available almost everywhere and can be easily spotted by the use of the green V symbol, and references to Vegan.   If you want gluten free meals, then it is wisest to ask in advance if booking a restaurant. Most café’s now have a gluten free options.

Vegetarian and vegan food is the most frequently sought by visitors.  The choice is enormous.  Quite apart from the vegetarian and vegan offerings on any café and restaurant menu, there are quite a number who specialize in or have a really exceptional vegan/vegetarian offering.  Take Veggie Pret for example. Located in the heart of Soho, it offers an extensive range of purely vegetarian and vegan food from sandwiches to salads, soups to desserts.  You can eat in or take away and enjoy a picnic elsewhere.

Not too far from elegant Presidential Marylebone Mayfair is Titbits in Heddon Street, and Ethos near Oxford Circus are another good option. These restaurants specialize in self service dining. You can choose from an extensive buffet, fill your plate and pay according to the weight of the food!  Titbits is good for takeaways, while Ethos has a really wide food selection covering everything from Japanese to Mexican, Lebanese to Indian.  There are always some chef’s specials too which are worth searching out.

Anyone wanting a vegan/vegetarian pizza should look no further than branches of Basilico.  There are branches all over London including Islington, Marylebone, Hampstead and Commercial Road.  They can also arrange delivery if you prefer.  Opt for Basilico’s stunning Margherita Basilico made from fresh tomatoes, basil and lactose free cheese and baked in a wood fired oven. In addition, there are numerous Holiday Apartments London for travellers.

For a special night out, Lyles in Shoreditch is a good option.  Each day new menu’s are created for vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian diners. The food is really stunning and delicious.  Typical menus have included pumpkin, kale and chestnuts with a pumpkin vinaigrette, chervil, watercress and foraged mushrooms. Desserts are definitely special as they include items like verbena granita and figs in fig sorbet.

Another restaurant worth trying is Tiny Leaf at Newington Causeway within the Mercato Metropolitano, which is totally eco-friendly, organic, vegetarian and zero-waste.  Most of its dishes can be made vegan on request.  Typical meals include chickpeas in smoked paprika sauce, Braised beets and carrot, side dishes like charred lettuce while desserts have included vegan carrot cake with pomegranates and a creamy rice based sauce.  


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Spectacular Alice in Wonderland Attractions in London

Spectacular Alice in  London

Tales of Alice following the white rabbit down a hole and entering an incredible land where nothing is quite what it seems have delighted children and adults for generations.  Throughout the summer, visitors to London probably staying in comfortable Holiday Apartments London are able to enjoy one of the most spectacular Alice in Wonderland attractions around.

Les Enfants Terribles have returned to the Vaults deep under Waterloo Station with their Olivier award nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground.  Buying your permit to enter Wonderland will result in a theatrical experience like no other. Fall down the rabbit hole and then you have to make choices – do you follow ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’. The results may not be what you expect.

Fancy tea at the biggest un-birthday party with the Mad Hatter or join the underground movement to rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts. Watch roses being painted red. Or simply follow the White Rabbits footsteps and let the Cheshire Cat take you to unexpected destinations.

What makes this show especially unusual is that no two shows are ever identical. Just as Lewis Carroll loved his puzzles, so this show is a total puzzle so you will find your way out - eventually.  

It boasts some stunning statistics such as the provision of 48,487 eat me sweets throughout the summer, 11 puppets and masks and 24 different adventures occurring simultaneously with characters taking on more than one role.  There are even three different white rabbits.

Head out of your room at the Presidential Marylebone Mayfair and relax with a mad cocktail in the Wonderland Bar before returning to normality in Waterloo! Booking is recommended as tickets sell out fast.

Although Lewis Carroll is mainly associated with Oxford, where he taught at the University he did spend a lot of time in London. He was keen photographer and visited many of the famous sites of London, as well as photographing prominent scientists, actors as well as people like Tennyson and Ruskin. He loved watching plays at the London theatres and would certainly have enjoyed the madness of this version of his famous novel.

Examples of Alice related items can be seen in both the V&A Museum, Kensington and the Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green. There are Alice soft toys, board games as well as illustrations, pictures and copies of the books to be seen.  The Museum of Childhood gives a wonderful glimpse into Alice’s childhood world and the toys she would have known so well – the dolls, the dolls houses, tea parties and miniature theatres.  One of the most stunning collections to be seen in the Museum of Childhood are the beautiful paper model theatres which children used to tell stories.  You can also see items of clothing which would have been very familiar to Alice as the museums collection includes countless garments and accessories worn by children with similar backgrounds.  

There is a memorial to Lewis Carroll in Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey. The memorial was installed in 1982 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth.  

So, if you are coming to London this summer and planning to stay for some time then Aparthotels London might be a great choice for you.

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Iconic Westminster London

Iconic Westminster

Think of an image of London and the first things that come to mind are Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.  All are set within a short distance of each other, and represent the centre of British Government.

Buckingham Palace is the home of HM the Queen.  When she is in residence, her royal standard flies high above the palace.  During the summer, the state rooms including the Throne Room are open to the public but you have to book on a guided tour.  Such bookings have to be made well in advance as the tours are extremely popular. Visitors traveling to London often seek nearest Aparthotels London to avoid travel heck.   

At other times of the year, you can visit the Royal Mews adjacent to the Palace and see the State Coaches used at occasions such as the State Opening of Parliament and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Close by is the Queens Gallery containing some of the many famous paintings and drawings held in the Royal Collection.

Don’t miss the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace while a resident at Holiday Apartments London as this is always great fun to see. Bands play, and soldiers march to take up their positions on guard outside the Palace.

Stroll across the pretty expanse of St James Park to reach Horse Guards Parade where the annual Trooping of the Colour ceremony takes place.  Pass through the archway to Whitehall and Downing Street where the Prime Minister has her official residence.  

A short walk down Whitehall will bring you to Westminster Square and the Houses of Parliament.  This massive building contains both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as the historic Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the building.  Visitors can book tours of the Houses of Parliament, but these tours only take place on Saturdays.  Booking is recommended.  The guided tours take you round all the main rooms of the Houses of Parliament explaining just how Parliament works.  You can see the throne on which the Queen sits when she comes in state to open parliament as well as statues of famous prime ministers, and some stunning artwork.

Then of course there is Big Ben – this name actually refers to the bell inside the great tower at one side of the Houses of Parliament.  It is this bell which tolls the hour.  It is a sound which is instantly recognizable across the world, as it has been heard so many times on national and international occasions and has been seen on many films.  

Another famous building not too far from Presidential Marylebone Mayfair and just across the road from the Houses of Parliament  is Westminster Abbey.  This is the place where kings and queens have been crowned for over a thousand years. It was originally built on the orders of King Edward the Confessor in the tenth century and has been a centre of public life ever since.  Nowadays, it is also the place where many public events take place such as royal weddings.  HM the Queen and Prince Philip were married here in the 1940’s and only a few years ago, their grandson Prince William married Kate Middleton in this same Abbey church.  




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