Enjoy a nautical experience in the heart of London

Enjoy a nautical experience in the heart of London

Discover the secrets of tall-masted sailing ships or stroll aboard a battleship and you don’t even have to leave London. All it takes is a short stroll across the river Thames to the South Bank.  Plus, staying at Presidential apartments at George street would be a great idea for a luxurious stay and explore the nautical experience.

Head for the dock at St Mary Overie, close to the renowned Globe Theatre where you can step aboard a stunning authentic replica of The Golden Hind.  This was the first English vessel to circumnavigate the globe, led by its swashbuckling captain Sir Francis Drake.  He returned a hero, with his ship filled with treasures, much of which had been plundered from the Spanish empire and was promptly knighted by Queen Elizabeth I.

Take a guided tour of the ship, or explore the vessel in your own time. Find out about the life of an Elizabethan sailor, how the ship travelled across the seas, and its colourful history.  Try loading cannon or how to steer the ship.


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Walk a little further along the river towards London Bridge and you will find another historic vessel, albeit of a more recent past.  HMS Belfast is the only surviving WW2 cruiser anywhere in Europe and took part in many battles.  950 men lived on board, working in very cramped conditions often under fire.  Discover their stories, and explore the nine decks that make up this amazing vessel. Sit in the Captain’s chair, take the helm and try your hand at navigating.  Climb up to the flag deck and enjoy the stunning views of London, or head downwards to the engine room – over 15 feet below sea level. You can really hands-on in the Operations Room where action stations require everyone to try and recover a downed plane.  Can you recover the crew in time? 

Cross the river to Tower Pier for a ferry ride downstream.  Even this short distance brings the salty smell of the sea, for the River Thames is a tidal river. 

It only takes approximately fifteen minutes to reach Greenwich, once home to generations of naval officers.  This is also where you can go onboard the Cutty Sark, the fastest ship of its kind.

Built-in 1869 for the Chinese tea trade, the Cutty Sark visited almost every major port in the world.  The sleek lines, tall masts, and acres of sails meant that this ship could almost fly across the oceans.  Discover the stories of the sailors who made these record-breaking voyages, and discover how they lived from day today along with a stay at any of the short stay apartments in London.    


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