Enter the World of Harry Potter

Enter the World of Harry Potter

Amazingly, it has been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published.  Since then, Harry Potter has become a world wide phenomenon and the films still grab you imagination and draw you into the story.  It is a world that enchants everyone, young and old.

Not surprisingly, Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. Book a stay in Serviced Apartments Marylebone and buy tickets in advance because they go very quickly.  You have to book a specific time slot to enter the Studio Tour, but once through the Great Hall, you can explore at your leisure.

There is a tremendous amount to see at the Studio Tour and it can easily occupy visitors all day.  This is a very special site since it is the only one in the world where you can see the original film sets – as well as the original red steam locomotive which pulled the Hogwarts Express across the countryside en route to Hogwarts.  All the props on display are original, having been made for use during the films. Take a close look at the real entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and watch the snakes slither along slotted tracks as the intricately carved door opens.

One of the most enchanting displays is the exquisite detailed scale model of Hogwarts made for use in the filming.  Enhanced digitally it was the scene of many stunning action shots within the films.

Other delights in store include the Forbidden Forest complete with Aragog the spider and his spiderlings, and the Knight Bus ready for another madcap journey through London.  You can explore the Great Hall, and see inside Dumbledore’s Study, Harry & Ron’s Bedroom, the gloomy classroom that housed Professor Snape’s potions lessons and discover the fun of Diagon Alley complete with all the famous shops like Ollivanders, the Weasley Joke Shop and the Goblin bank.  

Want to discover the secrets of green screen filming while a resident at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair?  This is the perfect place to do so.  Choose your robe (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw) then hop on a broom and fly!  The broomsticks truly twist and turn, leaving you hanging on tightly. The resultant photographs portray you flying across the sky over Hogwarts lake, through London traffic or across the mountains.  

If you’ve booked a few days in the capital, potentially in one of the beautiful Serviced Apartments Mayfair, this is definitely a fascinating place to explore, and one that will definitely keep you busy and interested throughout your visit.  It is guaranteed to provide some incredible memories that will never be forgotten.  

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