Exploring the historic city of London

Exploring the historic city of London

Most people think London is a massive city. But in reality, it is just one square mile!  The City of London is a very distinct area and dates back to Roman times. This is the historic heart of London. The City of London stretches from the Aldwych to the Tower of London.  Great dragons mounted on columns in the center of roadways still mark the historic entrances to the City, such as those at the edge of the Aldwych. It guards its privileges carefully. Even HM the Queen has to stop at the entrance to the City and seek the permission of the Lord Mayor before entering.   The City of London is the traditional financial district, while Fleet Street was for many years the home of the nation’s newspaper industry.


Strolling through the streets of the City you will find many of the most iconic buildings. Not too far from serviced apartments Mayfair London, St Paul’s Cathedral with its massive dome is one of the biggest cathedrals in the world.  Not far away is the Bank of England where you can visit a museum about money.  Narrow lanes close to the river lead to The Monument, marking the location of the start of the Great Fire of London in the seventeenth century. According to the stories, the Great Fire began at a baker’s shop in Pudding Lane. It spread quickly to neighboring buildings and was soon out of control.  It eventually destroyed much of the City of London. If you have energy, you can climb the stairs leading to the top of the Monument and enjoy some unusual views of London.


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Further along the banks of the river, you reach the Tower of London.  This was the first stone castle to be built in England and it has dominated the City for over a thousand years.  During that time it has been a fortress, a prison, and a royal palace. It is still the home of the priceless collection of Crown Jewels used by HM the Queen during the State Opening of Parliament.  Stroll inside and find out about this building amazing history. Hear tales of queens executed on the orders of Henry VIII, of ghostly hauntings and of the tragic Princes in the Tower.

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