Glittering and mind blowing – King Tutankhamun is in town!

Tutankhamun Exhibition London Guide

Head down to the Saatchi Gallery in Kensington for the most stunning and mind-blowing exhibition of the year.  Tutankhamun – Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh has opened at the Saatchi Gallery and it is set to attract record crowds.  Over 245,000 tickets had been sold even before the exhibition opened – so book quickly if you want to see it!


Not too far from Presidential Apartments at George Street, this is the largest ever exhibition of Tutankhamun’s treasures. Scarce more than a boy, Tutankhamun had a short reign of just ten years before his death. He was buried in splendour, surrounded by over 5,000 of furniture, furnishings, jewellery and countless domestic items. 


150 items are on display in this exhibition including some of the most spectacular items such as jewellery, golden fans, a colossal statue of the Pharaoh which still bears traces of the original paint used 3,000 years ago, shields and bows.  Almost all the items are gilded or made from gold, inlaid with precious stones such as obsidian and decorated with the most intense blues you can imagine. Some items are very unexpected – such as boxes that contained meat and still contain the residues today.  Many of the items have never left Egypt before making this a really unique opportunity to see some of some of the most legendary items from Ancient Egypt. 


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Follow the young Pharaoh’s steps through the dangerous Netherworld, before he reaches a divine status. Then that long period of darkness before Howard Carter discovered the tomb nearly 100 years ago.


Every item on display looks as bright and perfect as if it had been made yesterday, not 3,000 years ago.  Looking at this exhibition it is easy to understand why archaeologist Howard Carter could only comment ‘wonderful things’ when asked what he could see through a hole in the tomb wall.


Afterwards, why not track the legacy of Ancient Egypt elsewhere in London while a resident at one of best self-catering serviced apartments in London?  Down on the Embankment is Cleopatra’s Needle, a massive obelisk brought from Egypt while in the British Museum you can see a large collection of Ancient Egyptian mummies as well as other items excavated from tombs by archaeologists keen to discover the secrets of the past. 


But outshining them all is the legendary Tutankhamun – the boy Pharaoh whose name will live forever due to the spectacular things contained within his tomb all those years ago.

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