Jack the Ripper Walks Experience London

Jack the Ripper Walks Experience London

Head for the dark streets of London’s East End for an atmospheric journey into the past. 

It was in the autumn of 1888 that a sinister murderer began to attack women in the area.  Initially he was known as the Whitechapel Murderer – but soon a more sinister name emerged for this was Jack the Ripper.  He committed five known murders and his name has been linked to a possible additional six. All the victims were prostitutes and their bodies horribly mutilated. 

The murders scandalized society, with newspapers devoting page upon pages to the story turning it into a worldwide phenomenon.  This was a poor area, rife with villainy of all kinds.  With no DNA testing or forensic science available, the police had a difficult task.  This was not an easy area to police due to the mass of tiny alleyways and passageways that remained dark at night.

There were lots of suspects, but no murderer was ever caught.  Among the suspects were a doctor, a Polish immigrant and the Duke of Clarence – Queen Victoria’s grandson. It is this mystery which has intrigued people ever since. 

Although many years have passed since those terrifying days, you can still see many of the places that were involved while a resident at any of the beautiful serviced Apartments Central London.  Parts of the area are extremely atmospheric, reeking of Victorian London and you can really step back in time.

Every night, groups of walkers descend on the area following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.  There are numerous guided tours for visitors staying most probably in serviced apartments London that take you around the crime scenes and these are really popular.  Typical tours include:,,

Generally lasting around 2 to 3 hours, the walks lead you into the darkened streets of London’s East End.  Led by expert guides, the atmospheric walks pass through old narrow alleyways and cobbled streets highlighting important places on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Look at old photographs showing just what the streets were like in Victorian times.

Book a stay at the Presidential Marylebone Mayfair and see the Ten Bells Pub where many of the victims enjoyed a drink each evening.  Walk up Whitechapel high street and go through the archway to the cobbled Gunthorpe Street. It was along this street that Martha Tabram walked with her killer. See the former convent where the Ripper’s last victim desperately sought shelter just before being murdered in the street opposite; or the historic building where one suspect worked as a barber. 

Fascinating, lively and entertaining, these walks offer a glimpse into another world and one which has claimed the attention of people worldwide keen to make their own minds up as to the real identity of Jack the Ripper.

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