London tourism: Get benefited from weak pound

Weak Pound

The weak pound is good news for overseas visitors to London.  Your holiday cash will go much further than you expected, in fact you may even be able to enjoy extra treats or stay a little bit longer in luxuries Aparthotels London.

London is now one of the most cost effective places to stay when coming from overseas.  Holidays here are better value than a comparable holiday at any location in Europe or America.

Because the pound is weak against other currencies, it means that visitors can obtain more pounds against their national currencies.  The rates are extremely favorable for overseas visitors.  Such extra cash allows you to take advantage of the wide range of activities within London, taking in an extra tour or staying a few extra nights in Holiday Apartments London.

It is also good news for anyone who wants to shop in London.  If you want luxury goods like Burberry, Swatch and Hermes then the prices are much lower given the low exchange rates.  London has some of the best and highest quality stores in the world. This is the location of the legendary Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty and of course, the children’s toy store Hamleys.  Exploring the delights of London’s shopping areas such as Knightsbridge, Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street will provide the opportunity to buy exquisite jewellery, designer clothing, electronics, fashion and textiles of all kinds.

So, advantageous are the exchange rates for overseas travelers that the Chinese news site Phoenix actually implored Chinese visitors to take advantage of the situation and buy, buy, buy.  The exchange rates mean that you can gain anything between 5 to 20% discount on normal prices due to the weak pound.

If you want a holiday exploring the attractions of London, the weak pound gives you more money in your pocket to explore.  It offers the opportunity to take in extra day trips, travel slightly further afield to places like Hampton Court Palace, Legoland, Windsor or even enjoy a day at the races.  Then there are the great deals available on traveling around London, and getting really good seats at top shows at West End theatres.  Given that there are some spectacular shows around such as Les Miserables and The Lion King, the weak pound opens up windows that you might have otherwise expected.

All in all, the weak pound is good news for overseas visitors. So, book a stay in Presidential Marylebone Mayfair to save even more. You can get a really good deal in terms of exchange rates, and have more money to use on your holiday than you expected.

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