Maximize Time in London

maximize time in london

Want to maximize your time in London?  Then avoid the queues as much as possible.  Standing in a long queue for food, to get on an underground train or simply to enter a building can take up a lot of your time when travelling around London.  With a little bit of thought, this can be significantly reduced.

The key is planning in advance.  Decide exactly what you want to do while in London.  Are you aiming to visit key attractions like the Tower of London or watch theatre productions? What about dining out? Do you want to dine in restaurants at night?  

Booking theatre tickets and restaurants in advance makes sense while a resident at Aparthotels London. You can get in much quicker, all you need to do is show your ticket or give your name at the restaurant. You know that your seats have been set aside for you.  So there is no need to queue at the entrance or the box office.

Book a stay at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair and buy an Oyster Card in advance to speed up your travelling around London.  Instead of having to find somewhere to buy tickets, you can simply place the card on the barriers at the underground or on the buses and away you go to your destination.  Work out your routes beforehand, so that you know exactly where you are going.

Avoid the busiest times on public transport. This is when you will invariably have to wait some time to get on buses or underground trains.  During the key commuter times when Londoners are going to and from work, you may find that several trains or buses will pass before you can actually get on.   These times can also be very uncomfortable, as platforms and trains can be extremely crowded.  So avoid the main commuter times around 7.30 to 9 am and 4.30 to 6.30 in the evening.  Outside these times, trains and buses will be busy, but the queues to get on much shorter.  

Lunchtime – around 12 to 2pm – is another very busy time especially when it comes to finding places to eat or drink simply because Londoners want their lunch too and their lunch breaks can be quite short.  So getting an early or late lunch makes sense. It is definitely much quicker and quieter!

If you’re staying in Holiday Apartments London then buying a London Pass in advance makes a real difference when it comes to entering places like the Tower of London.  It enables you to skip the queues, and enjoy fast track entry. Arrive early at such high profile locations and go straight to special exhibitions like the Crown Jewels so that you don’t have to wait very long before going in.  The earlier you arrive, the shorter the queue.  

Plan your day in advance, so that you can visit attractions close to each other. This reduces your travelling time still further!

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