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Best Rooftop Bars in West and North London

Best Rooftop Bars in West and North London

Best Rooftop Bars in West and North London

Exploring London’s rooftop bars can be quite an experience. This is where you can relax with a drink while enjoying some of the best views across London’s skyline. Our guide to the most effective rooftop bars in London reveals all, whether or not that is for unerect back once there is not a cloud within the sky or drinking beneath the celebrities at one amongst the city's most legendary rooftop bars. But in order to enjoy to the fullest, you might need to check out for some best serviced apartments in Central London.

Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens in West London are definitely the best known, simply because of their incredible garden. This is where you can see flamingoes strolling around a garden, relax under mature trees or watch a stream trickle by. This is a very popular venue, and you usually have to book in advance.  

Pergola on the Roof

From the oldest to one of the newest – Pergola on the Roof is situated at the Television Centre in Wood Lane W12. It has had rave reviews for its food and ambiance ever since it opened earlier this year. Even winter will not prove a deterrent to enjoying this pretty location. A special windproof, snow proof and the waterproof dome will cover the site. Throughout the winter, extra effects will be added to create a Nordic style forest experience with winter flowers, holly, and ivy.

Lyric Hammersmith Rooftop bar

Not far away is the Lyric Hammersmith Rooftop bar. Best reserve a table here as it has quite a reputation. A delightful roof garden makes it easy to relax in style while enjoying drinks and modern British food. A pretty pergola provides a refuge in colder weather, yet you can still look down upon the fountains far below in Lyric Square. It is quite simply, an oasis of pleasure.

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The Big Chill House, The Lock Tavern and The Driver

Traveling up to North London The Big Chill House and The Driver is quite close together, while The Lock Tavern in Camden is a popular venue with London’s creative talents. It often hosts rooftop events, especially musical ones with many big names appearing. Always check out the latest list of musical talent before venturing up to Camden Lock, as some nights can be fully booked out some time in advance. Also in Camden is Proud – a burlesque bar and club located in a former horse hospital! The seven exclusive horse stables offer VIP seating, but there is still space for others out on the rooftop.

The Red Lion at Hoxton

The Red Lion at Hoxton is a very vibrant rooftop bar. It is also a ‘cool’ place to be. Sit back and relax in style on the loungers and sofas while eating pizza and trying the latest drinks. It attracts a mixed crowd, including many of the creative types who live in this area.

Gastropub The Castle at Islington

Gastropub The Castle at Islington has a pretty roof terrace which makes a lovely setting for an evening out. This is a location with a history since it was here that the notorious Hatton Garden jewelry raid was plotted! Close by is the Vivo, an Italian bar with a superb, stylish roof terrace. Expect lots of wood, cool stone, and natural materials when you visit here.

Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park

Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park is a hidden gem. It takes a little finding as it is hidden away on a leafy street, but is well worth the effort. Four floors of decking make an unusual rooftop experience within a small area. Alternatively, try the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town for a friendly local experience.  

The above-mentioned rooftop bars are one of the most visited by tourists and Londoners. While a resident at any of the luxury serviced apartments near Mayfair in London, take your time and pay a visit for an awesome and fun experience.

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Explore the magical world of Mary Poppins | Things to do in London

Explore the magical world of Mary Poppins

A magical nanny who drifts down from the sky using an umbrella then proceeds to transform unhappy households is bringing London alive to countless children and adults alike.  Why not follow in the footsteps of Mary Poppins around London?

Mary Poppins and London are inextricably linked together. The author of Mary Poppins, PL Travers, lived in London all her life, and if you go to 50 Smith Street in Chelsea there is a blue plaque on the house in which she lived. Many of the iconic scenes in both Mary Poppins films used real-life locations in London.  

Remember the song ‘Feed the Birds’ sung by Julie Andrews? It was filmed on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.  Stop for a while in the adjacent gardens and admire the beauty of the building, or go inside and climb the massive dome – and of course, feed the birds on the steps of St Paul’s!

Search for a luxurious stay at any of the luxury serviced apartments near Marylebone and stroll a little further into the city of London and find the Bank of England where Mr. Banks worked.  It even has its own museum of money that you can visit.

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Chimney sweep Bert and Lamplighter Jack were both cockneys – which means they were born within the sound of Bow Bells.  Visit the church of St Mary-le-Bow on Cheapside. Built by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666, this church is part of a very special London tradition – only people who are born within the sound of Bow Bells can be described as a true Cockney.

You can choose to stay at any of the self catering apartments near Regents Park in London and pay a visit to Mary Poppins who took the children on an enchanted Jolly Holiday. This is also where they later went flying a kite.  Listen out for the roars and growls in the distance – London Zoo only a short distance away. Or head for the lake and feed the beautiful snow-white swans. Further north in Hampstead in Admiral’s Walk is a very unusual house – but one instantly recognizable to Mary Poppins fans.  An eccentric white painted building has a main deck & quarter deck to the roof resembling the stern of a ship.

Other filming locations used in the latest movie include scenes along the Mall and Constitution Hill where Mary Poppins and the children rode a very unusual bike and Threadneedle Street in the city of London.  

Fancy a Mary Poppins experience to complete your day? Then head for the Aqua Shard restaurant which has launched a Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea complete with crumpets, finger sandwiches, and irresistible little cakes, it is served on a special tea stand with an umbrella on top, and silver booted feet below!

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Can You Escape (London) – 2018 What to know before you plan a trip to London

Can You Escape (London) - 2018 What to know before you plan a trip to London

2018 What to know before you plan a trip to London


Battling for Britain, trying to avoid pirates, deal with superheroes, Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes; choosing an escape game in London is not easy. The sheer challenge of pitting your wits against the ever-ticking clock and trying to solve enigmatic clues is irresistible. While a resident at serviced apartments Marylebone, enjoy Escape games that are becoming one of the most popular activities for small groups. It provides a fantastic way to spend an hour with friends and experience something memorable, and different.  

There are countless escape rooms operating in London, which means you never have far to go to find a new challenge. Locations include Oxford Street, Bermondsey, London Bridge, Holloway, Angel, Pentonville, Battersea, Moorgate and the City of London itself.   


As to which to choose – it depends entirely on your interests. There is an escape room to suit every interest.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans are immediately drawn to the challenge of graduating from the School Witchcraft and Wizardry, proving that you really are a true witch or wizard in just one hour within the heart of the City of London. Coping with a variety of runes, potions, and spells will challenge you to the utmost.  Only the very best will succeed. Not surprisingly, it is very popular and needs to be booked well in advance.


Oxford Street

Perhaps you prefer to step down below busy Oxford Street and try to solve Da Vinci’s locks and decipher codes at Escape Land. Alternatively, you can try to solve mind-bending tasks in Professor Oxford’s Experiment – you may possibly escape in time!


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Elephant and Castle in South London

Step back in time to the dark days of World War II at Escape Plan down at the Elephant and Castle in South London.  Captured by the Nazis, you have to escape a prison camp by following a trail of clues left by the only prisoner ever to successfully escape its perimeter. Another wartime experience is offered by Mission Breakout near Trafalgar Square – not only is it located deep underground in a former tube station, but corridors are pumped with dry ice the moment you enter making it incredibly atmospheric.



Holloway is well known for its prison, but inventive puzzle solvers may manage to escape the Inside Out Escape Room.  You really have to be good at codes to solve the puzzles and find the passwords to break free. Choose from Sherlock Holmes or a CSI themed room.


South Bermondsey

Fancy something eerie and immersive? Modern Fables in South Bermondsey may be the ideal choice.  Black and white films flicker over candlelit rooms in a darkened warehouse as you head for the Escapist bar to help out due to the owner’s disappearance.  Can you survive?


So, don’t lose your precious time, plan your visit to London this Christmas 2018 and stay at any of the serviced apartments in Central London and enjoy a blasting experience in the city with friends and family.

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London’s Musical heritage – Fascinating trail for visitors keen to discover the city’s musical heritage

London’s Musical heritage - Fascinating trail for visitors keen to discover the city’s musical heritage

British groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin have left an indelible mark on London, making it a fascinating trail for visitors keen to discover more about the city’s musical heritage.  We take a look at some of the places you can explore. Have a wonderful stay at any of the serviced apartments in Central London and pay a visit to the below given lovely places.


The legendary zebra crossing

Head for St John’s Wood and Abbey Road to find the legendary zebra crossing used by the Beatles for one of their most iconic pictures.  Today, countless visitors follow in their footsteps across Abbey Road. Take a tube down to Chelsea and explore the myriad shops and pubs which were an irresistible draw for pop singers, celebrities and fashionable folk in the 1960s. Over at Number 430, Sid Vicious worked as a shop assistant before joining the notorious Sex Pistols.


The Beatles Store in Baker Street

The Beatles Store in Baker Street is a fantastic place to buy retro merchandise, vintage memorabilia including autographs and posters.  Not far away at 94 Baker Street, you can see the blue plaque indicating that John Lennon and George Harrison lived here during their time in London.


Music venues in Camden Town

It is worth trying some of the music venues in Camden Town such as the Jazz Café or The Roundhouse.  These were venues used by performers like Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and The Doors. More recently, Koko in Camden Town was the site of Madonna’s first UK performance.  Take a stroll along the banks of the canal towards Primrose Hill to find the site where the Rolling Stones were photographed for their 1967 album, Between the Buttons.


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Hard Rock Café Museum

Don’t miss the Hard Rock Café Museum.  This contains a fantastic collection of rock memorabilia, which will keep rock fans enthralled for hours.  Also worth visiting is the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington. This has been the setting for many rock and pop concerts, including one in which the Beatles and the Rolling Stones played on the same bill.  The Royal Albert Hall offers tours of the building focusing on its rock and pop history. These do have to be booked in advance.


Swinging Sixties Bus

You can even take a tour on the Swinging Sixties Bus around the most famous sixties pop related locations in SW London.  It makes for a really memorable experience as you ride in a classic 1960’s London Transport Routemaster bus. A drifting scent of patchouli oil permeates the bus, as the guides tell tales of the activities of the Beatles and other groups at the various locations you pass.  The tour includes Eel Pie Island, Twickenham Studios, Chiswick House and several pubs, which were famed for their popularity with groups like Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Marmalade, the Kinks, and Pink Floyd. Richmond Bridge has bittersweet memories for Beatles fans since it was here that the group had their last official photographs taken before the breakup.  


Make your tour to London memorable while a resident at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair as you will get all the luxury you wish and interestingly the serviced apartments are located at the heart of the city.

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Paddington Bear: Fun Facts about Paddington Bear you must know

Paddington Bear: Fun Facts about Paddington Bear you must know

For many children, Paddington Station is the most famous in London – for this is where the iconic, well-loved, very polite Paddington Bear first appeared.  Dressed in his characteristic duffle coat and hat, Paddington has the best of intentions but always seems to get into trouble.  The classic tales about this irresistible bear have spread his fame worldwide, as have the recent films Paddington 1 and Paddington 2. You can enjoy visiting all the below-mentioned places while staying at any of the serviced apartments at Marylebone in London.

Not surprisingly, countless children and adults visiting London want to follow in his footsteps. So where to start?

The answer is only a short walk away from the hotel here in Marylebone.  Head for the busy platforms and Victorian architecture of Paddington Railway Station.  It was just below this massive vaulted ceiling that Paddington first arrived from Darkest Peru.  Head over to Platform One to find the wonderful Paddington Bear statue just under the clock, close to where the Brown family first met him and made him part of their family.

Close by is the Paddington Bear Shop, the only shop in the world dedicated to Paddington Bear.  It is packed with stuffed toys, books, mugs and countless other items including marmalade, making it the perfect place to find that ideal gift.

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Step outside and walk to Sheldon Square, close to Paddington Basin on the London canal network. When local people were asked to nominate a subject for a statue here, Paddington was the overwhelming choice. As a result, a lovely statue was created showing author Michael Bond with his well-loved Paddington Bear.

While staying at any of the serviced apartments at Covent Garden, you can take time to stroll along the quiet waterways of Little Venice where Michael Bond and Paddington spent a lot of their time.  There are lots of cafes and pubs here, making it an ideal spot to relax.

The towpath may be familiar to anyone who has watched the Paddington 2 film.  Paddington is shown speeding along the towpath on the back of a friendly dog after the break-in at Mr. Gruber’s antique shop.

When you are ready to move on, a short boat ride will bring you to Primrose Hill where Chalcot Crescent took on the role of Windsor Gardens in the movies.  The pretty pastel coloured houses were used as the Brown’s home and many of the scenes such as the Brown family car being given a push start were filmed here.  

Head down to Oxford Street to the Selfridges Department store.  It was here, on Christmas Eve 1956, that Michael Brown (then working for the BBC as a cameraman) was hunting for a Christmas present for his wife. He found a little bear dressed in a duffle coat and took him home.  It was this bear, which provided the inspiration for one of the most famous, well-loved bears in the world.




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