The Tower of London – the perfect way to spend an entertaining day in London

The Tower of London - the perfect way to spend an entertaining day in London

From ravens to prisoners, weapons to Crown Jewels – exploring the Tower of London is the perfect way to spend an entertaining day in London.  

Built over 1,000 years ago, the Tower of London has played an important role in the life of the city and the country.  Kings and Queens have lived – and died – within its walls, it has stood against revolts, housed traitors and spies as well as a menagerie.  The Crown Jewels have been kept here for hundreds of years. It was a place of dread for many people, even Queen Elizabeth I while still a princess sat and cried on its outskirts, trying not to enter for fear of her life. After all, this was her mother Anne Boleyn was executed, as was Catherine Howard, another of Henry VIII’s wives. There are the stories of the Princes in the Tower who mysteriously vanished and of Sir Walter Raleigh who spent much of his later life imprisoned here. Know about all the interesting facts about the Tower of London while a resident at any of the best serviced apartments in Covent Garden.

Yeomen Warders conduct free guided tours highlighting the main sections of the Tower, and the stories of the people who have been associated with it.  Equally interesting are the talks held by the Yeoman Warders in charge of the ravens, telling you about the characters of the birds in their care, as well as their day to daycare.

Not to be missed is the Armoury, where you can see amazing collections of weapons and lifesize horses carrying armoured kings. Try out your skill at creating guns within the interactive area and see if they fire accurately.  Can you pull a bow? What about firing a cannon? Or how about attempting to use a sword while galloping on a horse? It is much harder than you might expect!


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Take a stroll along the ramparts and discover unexpected stories within the turrets, find out about coining money in the Royal Mint and see Traitors Gate.

Bear in mind that this is a very popular attraction and attracts large numbers of visitors every day.  Some queuing is inevitable. There are ways to beat the worst of the queues.

Book your entrance tickets online.  On arrival, you have to take your voucher to a separate ticket desk and exchange it for a ticket but this should only take a minute or two. 

Come early! There are bag checks and ticket checks to be completed before you enter.  Queues tend to be shortest early in the morning. The same is true for popular attractions located inside the Tower of London such as the Crown Jewels or the hands-on weapons activities within the Armoury. Book your stay at any of the self catering apartments in London in advance to avoid disappointment.

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