5 top exhibitions in London

5 top exhibitions in London

While staying in London most probably in comfortable Serviced Apartments London, take advantage of some of the spectacular special exhibitions to see items from museums and galleries all over the world.  Here are five of the most fascinating exhibitions underway at the moment.

  1. May the force be with you!  Star Wars fans will find a visit to the 02 Arena enthralling as it is currently housing Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition. With over 200 models, costumes and props on display, you can discover how iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker and Anakin were shaped and designed. While exploring the exhibition, you can incorporate elements of yourself with the characters and leave with a version of yourself in another galaxy, far far away! Plenty of time to see this one as it doesn’t end until September 2017.
  2. Discover the secrets of Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds at the British Museum.  You have to move quickly to see this one as it ends on 27th November, but it is a fascinating account of how the cities of Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion at the mouth of the Nile were submerged by the sea, and all knowledge lost until the 1990’s when divers made their spectacular discoveries. This is the first time that these exhibits have been seen in the UK and include twenty foot high statues of Greek kings dressed as pharohs, household items and exquisite golden jewellery. For Travelers, there are numerous exceptional Holiday Apartments in London that can accommodate the needs of everyone’s choice.
  3. Over at the National Gallery, one of the masters of European art comes under scrutiny. Beyond Caravaggio is the first major exhibition to look at the way in which the seventeenth century artist has had such a major influence on artists. As soon as his first commission was unveiled in 1600, artists from all over Europe were flocking to see the work.  Caravaggio’s skills in naturalism and dramatic lighting influenced many other artists to incorporate these elements in future.  The exhibition contains works by Caraveggio as well as French, Spanish, Flemish and Dutch artists that have been drawn from three national museums – the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Galleries of Scotland and the National Gallery London.  The exhibition ends in January.
  4. Fire, Fire! can be seen at the Museum of London. Book a stay at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, this exhibition tells a fascinating story. It shows how the fire spread from a bakers in Pudding Lane to eventually cover most of the city of London. It even destroyed St Paul’s Cathedral. Out of the ashes arose a new London, with many buildings being designed by a master architect, Sir Christopher Wren. His output was incredible, and included several hundred churches and the new St Paul’s Cathedral.  The exhibition ends in April 2017.
  5. The Victoria & Albert Museum is hosting an unusual exhibition, devoted to underwear.  Undressed: A brief history of Underwear provides the opportunity to learn just how people in the past managed to achieve such incredible silhouettes such  as the crinoline.  With skirts that belled out for several feet on either side, many had difficulty in entering rooms yet they did manage to sit down wearing these massive hoops.  As the exhibition explains – it all comes down to bones and good design! It ends next March.

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