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tower of london

There are certain places in London that visitors must see while staying in Aparthotels London – and the Tower of London is definitely one of those locations.  Sitting squarely beside the River Thames on the eastern side of the city, the Tower has dominated the area for nearly a thousand years. 

It began life under William the Conqueror in 1066, when he ordered the building of a castle to control the area.  This became the White Tower which over the years was expanded by various fortifications and extra buildings.  At various times the Tower of London has been a palace, prison, treasury, public record office, royal mint and a zoo!  It is still officially a Royal Palace.

The Yeomen Warders known also as Yeomen of the Guard and as Beefeaters, wear an unmistakable Tudor uniform.  All are ex-servicemen.  They frequently give free guided tours which can be very fascinating and full of interesting stories.  Don’t forget to see the Tower Ravens en route!

The highlight of any visit has to be the Crown Jewels such as the Imperial State Crown worn by Her Majesty the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament.  Be warned – get there as early as possible since queues can be very long, especially during the summer.

Equally fascinating is the Royal Armoury in the White Tower. This is very extensive covering four floors of swords, armour, halbards and other weapons.

Countless stories are associated with the Tower and it can be worth taking a guided tour while a resident at Self Catering Apartments London to hear these stories.  Numerous famous people have been executed here, particularly two of Henry VIII’s queens Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard.  There are reports that their ghosts still haunt the place.  They are buried in St Peter Ad Vincula Church within the Tower of London, close to where they were executed.  Henry’s daughter Elizabeth was sent to the Tower by her sister Mary, and famously refused to enter via the Traitors Gate.

Then there is the mystery that will forever surround the two young princes in the Tower. Sent here for their safety by their uncle, Richard III who had just taken the throne away from the older boy; they were never seen again.  No one knows what happened but the skeletons of two boys were found, many years ago, hidden under the steps of one of the towers.  The skeletons were later buried in Westminster Abbey.

There are lots of interactive displays helping to explain the history of this fascinating building and it is easy to stay all day, there is so much to see and do. So, book yourself into an elegant Presidential Marylebone Mayfair and enjoy London with your family.

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