Visiting Kew Palace, London

Kew Palace London

Kew Palace is one of England lesser known royal residences, but it is definitely worth a visit.  In fact, a trip out to Kew is a wonderful way to enjoy a hot summers day in London. Also, there is a large selection to choose from cheap to luxury Aparthotels London in close proximity.

The journey takes less than half an hour using London Transport and it brings out into vistas of green lawns, beautiful parkland and sweetly smelling flowers.  Kew Palace is situated within one of the world’s greatest Botanical Gardens with some trees dating back centuries.  

Kew Palace has been unoccupied since the last royal residents left it back in the early nineteenth century.  It makes a wonderful snapshot of life in a royal palace in Georgian England.  The Royal kitchens have only recently been reopened to the public and are really impressive. Highlight of the complex is definitely the great kitchen itself as it contains a massive roasting range, charcoal grill and pastry oven.  Its quietness now bears little resemblance to the sheer scale of activity, and number of people who would have been employed here in Georgian times.  There are also several preparation rooms where staff would have spent hours chopping vegetables and cleaning pots and pans.  Yet more rooms acted as offices and the spice cupboard in which expensive spices would have been kept under lock and key.

During summer evenings, it is sometimes possible to book a special evening tour of the Palace which takes you into a maze of hidden cellars, spooky attics while hearing more about the lives of the people who lived here. Visitors often seek nearby self catering apartments London which offer a luxury base to their trip.

The fact that Kew Palace gardens have become a world treasure house of plants makes it a pleasant memorial to the King who lived here, as he too loved plants.  

You can stroll for miles amid the parkland, investigating the many delights to be found here.  A tall Chinese pagoda sits among the trees at the far end of the gardens. Climbing up a long stairway elsewhere in the grounds will take you high into the tree tops for a stroll along a birds eye walkway. You do need a good head for heights as you are over 18m off the ground!  Coming back down to earth, you then promptly descend underground to discover the secrets of the soil that helps plants grow and develop.

Also, worth visiting while at Kew is the Hive.  Standing seventeen meters high, the translucent sides are built to recreate a beehive.  Walking inside, you are surrounded by constantly changing sounds and light giving you an insight into the busy life of bees.

When tired of exploration, there are cafes and places to relax making this a perfect place for a lengthy day out from London. As for accommodation, Presidential Marylebone Mayfair is definitely the right destination every time you are coming to London.

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